Once again, Action for Mothers and Children is hosting their annual “Let’s Dance” fundraising event on 1st November. The money will be raised through selling tickets and donations during the event, and will be used for supporting mothers and children in Kosovo, through the various initiatives of the organization.

Action for Mothers and Children is a nonprofit which runs healthcare initiatives for mothers and children, and especially preterm babies. Their activities include educating patients and providers of medical care, conducting research and studies to help identify healthcare system deficiencies, advocating for better healthcare and supplying hospitals and health centers with medical equipment and medications.

“Let’s Dance” events have been organized annually since 2015. The past three events raised a total of EUR 79,551, through a combination of ticket sales, donations and sponsorships. Mrika Aliu, Executive Director of the organization explained how this fundraising event has so far helped some of the organization’s major accomplishments:

“To name but a few crucial achievements: it delivered more than 850 vials of Survanta medication for Kosovo babies in the last three years to treat premature lungs, purchased the CRP/CBC equipment for Neonatology unit in Prishtina, delivered phototherapy lamps to treat jaundice among babies and cardiopulmonary monitors to measure heart beats, opened 4 additional women health resource centers in Mitrovica, Sterpce, Kacanik, and Prizren, established the first baby transportation system in the country, and benefited more than 300 babies and 2000 women annually through our interventions.”

The event takes place in Pristina and for further event details as well as how you can get your ticket check out the Facebook event.