The  elementary school “Sanica” from the village Sanica in Bosnia and Herzegovina received an anonymous donation for excursion with one condition -  it had to be and educational excursion to Sarajevo and the donor had to stay anonymous.

Heads of school said that they were surprised with this warm hearted gesture: ”The money from donation was enough to pay transport, tickets for National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and pocket money for all the kids. The donor insisted on staying anonymous so he even engaged a messenger to settle everything.”

Children and teachers decided together what will they visit. Besides the National Museum, they also visited the Building of Common Affairs of Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Old Town.

“We suppose it’s someone who is well familiar and aware of the situation in our village and school where many parents cannot afford excursions for their children”, heads of school said.

The anonymous donor said that they can expect similar donations in the future and the school heads hope for other people who can help and support young and education in this way, to do so.