For the 12th time the foundation has given financial suppot to students as well as different projects with social importance. A total of 406.316 EUR (3.015.000 KN) was given out to exceptional school and university students, and projects which are important to the wider community. 

As in the previous years, the 12th competition for funding, run by Adris Foundation was focused on exceptional achievements, and promoting knowledge, innovative ideas, as well as solidarity and a positive social impact. The funds were split between the following categories:

  • Science and Discoveries - 106.450 EUR (790.000 KN)
  • Scholarships for students in high school, and pre-graduate, graduate and postgraduate studies - 45.140 EUR (335.000 KN)
  • Art - 51.203 EUR (380.000 KN)
  • Ecology - 32.339 EUR (240.000 KN)
  • Heritage - 64.543 EUR (479.000 KN)
  • Kindness - 66.834 EUR (496.000 KN)

A complete list of the winners can be found here. Alongside this year’s these funding, the Foundation will also continue to support students in the academic year 2018/2019, for whihch purpose a total of 39.750 EUR (295.000 KN) has been designated. 

The call for applications for funding was opened on 24th May, and the selection process was certainly not easy as a total of 392 applications were received: 

“As in the previous years, the competition this year has seen an increase in the number of applications for in field Science and Discoveries. This confirms that Adris Foundation has become recognizable and important in the science community and Croatian society in general. The true value of the Foundation and those of you working as a joint "intelligence” of this kind, is to use professional experience in order to recognize the seed, its development and help us all witness something great in a few years time. When we look back on the projects the Foundation has recognized and supported over its 10 year existence, it is evident what a great impact it has made and the positive change in Croatian society it has encouraged", said Korado Korlević, head of the Foundation's management. 

The Foundation was founded in 2007, as a corporate social responsibility program of Adris Group from Rovinj. The foundation is financed through 1% of the annual profits of the company.