While we have been amid new waves of Covid-19 virus for the past two years, and even today, everything has changed completely – schools, jobs, health, holidays, even hugs.

In all this, unfortunately, it is certain that the pandemic is not over yet. However, as the current virus is still persistent, it is certainly not the only one on the list of endurance.

Once again, we present to you the people, companies and organizations that are immeasurably contributing to the fight against the Covid-19 virus and that show us that solidarity, especially in times of crisis, is one of the bright spots we can truly rely on.

Let's look at the stories of philanthropists from the region who are a real example of fighters against the pandemic.

Kaufland donates masks to children yet again

Given the growing number of newly infected citizens and with the goal of faster stabilization of life in earthquake-affected areas, Kaufland has again donated children's disposable masks to schoolchildren from partner Kaufland fruit and vegetable schools and health facilities.

This time, the retail chain donated almost 400,000 children's masks. The donation thus reached children from three Croatian counties, in which a state of catastrophe was declared after the earthquake of December 29, 2020.

It is important for us not to forget the most vulnerable group of our society in the currently still very sensitive area of ​​our country. With this donation, we want to remind that it is not enough to act only directly after the crisis, but we should also provide support in the later stages of recovery from the earthquake-affected area. In Kaufland, the health of children in Croatia is extremely important to us, so we believe that with this sign of attention we can significantly affect their overall well-being and protection, explained Marija Franić, Head of Corporate Communications at Kaufland.

We remind you that through the long-term project "Kaufland School of Fruits and Vegetables", this retail chain donates fresh fruits and vegetables to children every week in 42 public primary schools and 12 institutions with regular and special programs for children with disabilities throughout Croatia. In addition, for the fifth year in a row, he was the main sponsor of the UNICEF humanitarian race "Milky Way", and the now traditional Kaufland Christmas donation to our youngest is being prepared.

Donated disinfectants to schools in Bijeljina

The public institution "Vode Srpske" donated 45 packages of hand disinfectants to primary and secondary schools in the area of ​​Bijeljina.

The presidents of the principals of primary and secondary schools in the Bijeljina region, Predrag Račanović and Duško Đurić, thanked for the donation and pointed out that the new stock of disinfectants will make it easier for them to fight the coronary virus pandemic, Voda Srpske reported.

As it is stated, the consumption of hand disinfectants in schools has significantly increased during the pandemic, and any new amount they receive is available to preserve the health of students and educators.

"Superheroes" continue to support healthcare institutions

As part of Hemofarm's action "Superheroes wear masks under their eyes", funds raised from the sale of Hemofarm's vitamins and minerals, Magnetrans, Imunocinka, Polivita B plus and Eunova Duo Protect D3 K2 were used to purchase equipment for three other healthcare institutions in BiH.

On this occasion, protective equipment (masks, suits, and gloves), antigen tests, disinfectants, pulse oximeters and nebulizers worth more than 20,000 KM (10,200 EUR) will be donated to the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation "Dr Miroslav Zotovic" in Banja Luka, General Hospital "Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakas "in Sarajevo and the Cazin Health Center.

Hemofarm launched the action "Superheroes wear masks under their eyes" in November last year and since then, assistance in protective and medical equipment, disinfectants and antigen tests has been provided for 17 health institutions in BiH worth a total of 100,000 KM (10,200 EUR).

As part of this action, we helped many health care institutions in BiH by donating equipment that contributes to the protection of health care workers and their greater efficiency in everyday work. We are very proud of our "Superheroes" campaign because it is successful precisely because the citizens have recognized in us a partner who is there when needed. Listening to the needs of the community and helping others is a feeling we all naturally strive for. Probiotics, minerals, and vitamins are of great importance both in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 and in post-covid states of fatigue and energy recovery. In addition to donating equipment and appealing for compliance with epidemiological measures, we also made an important contribution to raising awareness of the importance of rehabilitating people who have survived Covid-19. We continue the same path, where we stopped to take care of people's health as a reliable partner, said Sasa Urosevic, director of Hemofarm BiH.

The "Superheroes" campaign continues until the end of the year, and by separating funds from the sale of Hemofarm probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, Imunozinc, polyvita B plus and eun's duo protect D3 K2, there will be provided additional protective equipment for health care institutions in BiH.

A nice gesture from a Kikinda caterer

Robert Pataki, a well-known caterer from Kikinda, donated a refrigerator to the Health Center, where medical workers store vaccines. At the beginning of the crown of the crisis and the state of emergency, Pataki delivered meals to the medical staff of the Infectious Diseases Department of the General Hospital daily.

At the end of September last year, he donated four non-contact thermometers to the Children's and School Dispensary. With kindness and nobility, he moved health workers again. Although the corona pandemic decimated the business of many restaurants, including his own, Pataki confirmed with this example that not everything is so black: This is, in a way, my appeal to my fellow citizens to get vaccinated, so that the situation can be normalized as soon as possible. For us caterers, that is very important. I call on fellow entrepreneurs to help our health in these times of crisis, of course if they are able. As for me, as soon as I heard that the Health Center needed a refrigerator to store vaccines, I decided to buy it and donate it, says Pataki. Dr. Biljana Markovic, the director of the Health Center, confirmed that the donation arrived at the right time.

We needed a refrigerator since the vaccination against the seasonal flu has started. We are grateful. Thanks to everyone who donated anything, helped our institution and Kikinda health. The epidemic situation remains worrying. To date, we have 630 patients, and 35 hospitalized patients in the hospital. So far, we have about 26,000 vaccinated citizens with the first dose, said Dr. Markovic.

Chinese embassy donates vehicles to Clinical Center of Montenegro

The Chinese Embassy in Podgorica donated 50,000 euros to the Clinical Center of Montenegro for the fight against the coronary virus pandemic, it was announced from this health institution.

The health institution stated that the director of the Clinical Center, Ljiljana Radulović, and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Montenegro, Liu Jin, agreed that, with joint efforts, they could work on improving relations.

They agree that they will exchange all data and information for those needs, as well as professional assistance, which can be important for further improvement of cooperation, in the spirit of partnership and mutual trust, the Clinical Center announced.

This is not the first donation of the Chinese Government and people to that institution, the health care system, and the state of Montenegro.

The traditional friendship of the two nations, crowned by another philanthropic act of the Embassy, ​​deserves special respect because, after two years of pandemic, the whole world is still facing its uncertain course and outcome, the Clinical Center pointed out.

They said that the suppression of the pandemic is possible only through mutual understanding and joint action of all countries, especially in the fight against misinformation.

Humanitarian action for the Covid ward of the Dubrovnik General Hospital, HRK 84,000 raised

Good work has been done; we are pleased with the success of the action which began with the bidding of symbolic amounts. And our fellow citizens, just like the artists, spiced up the action, is the final message after the end of the humanitarian action in favor of the COVID department of the General Hospital Dubrovnik, which started an avalanche of kindness. The action showed how we have a big heart and a desire to help for the common good.

The atmosphere of the auction was casual, and the action went smoothly, and the citizens persistently called on the phones and bid. Auction manager Ivica Puljić and colleagues from the media also contributed to the atmosphere: media sponsors of the auction, but also musicians Maja Grgić, who, accompanied by Teo Martinović, virtuously created the atmosphere of an art jazz cafe. Of course, Ana Obradović Skračić also contributed a lot as the organizer of this action.

During this auction, we sold almost 90 percent of the works of art offered, and we are confident that we will soon sell all the sharps. However, we still cannot say what the total amount of the auctioned amount is and how much our financial contribution to the COVID department of the Dubrovnik General Hospital will be, until the customers pay the money and thus confirm the purchase. However, this information will be made public very soon, said Ana Obradović Skračić at the end of the evening.

Dubrovnik artists Josip Škerlj, Vedran Grabovac, Mirsada Baljić, Nikolina Šimunović, Antonija Rusković, Davor Lucijanović, Duško Šibl, Katarina Alamat Kusijanović, Maro Cetinić, Josip Pino Trostnman, Željko Perković, Mia Maria Škoda and Barbara Krilanović, Veronika Šulić, Ivan Mladošić, Sven Klobučar, Ivo Mladošić, Anabel zanze, Jasmina Runje, Mara Bratoš, Robert Kralj, Deša Vlahutin, Berta Miloš, Wanda Mitrović, Nada Zec Ivanović, Samir Serhatlić, Viktor Šerbu, Lucija Perojević, Josip Ivanović, Lukša Peko, Tonko Smokvina, Anamarija Obradović, Marija Lipanović, Lena Kramarić, Ivo Grbić, Mercedos Bratoć, Jadranka Munitić and Iris Lobaš Kukavičić are just some of those who got involved and supported the humanitarian action in favor of the Covid Department of the Dubrovnik General Hospital.

The action also competed for paintings whose authors remained artists, and the donors were our collectors and galleries. That is how the picture of Dimitrije Popović is in favor of Fr. The actions were donated by the gallerist and renowned collector Andrija Seifried, while the painting by Lukša Peka was donated by the Arthur Gallery, the painting by Dora Orešić was donated by the Dubrovnik House, the painting by Maro Mitrović was donated by the Klaris Gallery, and the painting by Antun Masla was donated by the Masle Gallery.

At a large art auction organized by Ana Obradović Skračić on Sunday, November 21, HRK 84,000 (EUR 11,100) was raised.

Numerous Dubrovnik and Croatian artists donated their works for the auction, and the fellow citizens responded to the auction by phone, who managed to allocate money from their household budgets for humanitarian purposes even in this difficult time.

The entire income from this, but also from all other actions that have been or will be organized, is intended for the needs of the covid department of the Dubrovnik General Hospital.

Miss Universe Croatia also supported the humanitarian auction for the Covid department

Behind us is a virtual humanitarian art auction to help the Covid department at the Dubrovnik General Hospital. For an hour and a half, telephones rang in the Lazaret space, and people in the improvised ‘call center’ answered the calls of people who were bidding for works of art. As many as 74 works were donated, and some of the charity artists decided to come as well, and additionally support this humanitarian action with their presence. These are Josip Škerlj, Robert Kralj, Iris Lobaš Kukavičić and others… Miss Universe Croatia Ora Ivanišević, who is also known for her humanitarian work, arrived in Lazarete.

Did you do a good deed for your community during the pandemic? If you haven't, we'll make you happy with the fact that you can still change that. Visit our crowdfunding platform Donacije.rs and find out what actions you can help to reach your goal faster. We promise you that a good sense of community care will be immeasurable.