Support in the fight against the negative effects of COVID-19 has continued across the region. In today’s text, you will learn about the January donations for the fight against COVID-19.

PerSu supermarkets donated products to Subotica COVID Center

PerSu management has delivered packages of their products to the COVID Center in Subotica. In this way, the company wanted to support doctors and medical staff in the fight against the coronavirus.

This is not the first such project PerSu has organized with the aim of providing support to the fight against COVID-19. Namely, they have also developed and carried out a series of activities whose aim was to stimulate citizens to adhere to the recommended epidemiological measures and thus contribute to this fight.

Raiffeisen Bank helping families affected by the pandemic

Raiffeisen Bank has supported the project ‘Wheel of Life’, carried out by photographer Sever Zolak and the Center for Youth Integration, with the aim of providing support to families whose financial status has significantly deteriorated due to the pandemic.

“I came up with this idea after having read an article about the decline of the secondary raw material repurchase price. I called the Shelter, and found out that a vast number of their beneficiaries earn their living through recycling. Their bicycles are in terrible condition and often malfunctioning, which is why they often have to borrow bicycles from each other”, explained Sever Zolak for

The main idea of the project is to make personalized electric bikes adapted to the body build of the users and donate them to the families living in the Roma settlement in Belgrade. Given that collection and sale of recycling material is the main source of income for most of the families from this settlement, these electric bikes will have recycling baskets, which will save time and strength of the people using them.

“The pandemic has left serious consequences and it is crucial that as many individuals and companies as possible give their contribution to providing additional means of living to our fellow citizens who have suffered those consequences the most”, stated Katarina Gaborović, Director of the Marketing and PR Department of Raiffeisen Bank.

Donation for the University Clinical Hospital in Mostar

Association ‘Partnership for Health’, in cooperation with partner organizations and institutions, has donated COVID-19 tests and protective equipment for medical professionals working at the University Clinical Hospital in Mostar.

Aida Kurtović, Director of ‘Partnership for Health’, has said in her interview for that she hopes the donated equipment, tests, pandemic sets (protective suit, mask and gloves) and non-contact thermometers will be useful to health institutions.

Within the regional SoS project carried out by ‘Partnership for Health’, a similar donation was also provided to the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo and PHI Hospital ‘Sveti vračevi’ in Bijeljina, and the total value of the donated equipment was around KM 200,000.

Donation for Budva Health Center

Budva Tourism Organization has donated a EUR 4,000-worth container for COVID-19 testing to Budva Health Center and EUR 1,000 for the purchase of rapid tests.

This donation has been crucial for Budva Health Center, given that currently around 150 people are tested in it every day.

Forever Friends Foundation donated hospital equipment, masks and baby gifts to Berane Hospital

Iva Babović, President of Forever Friends Foundation, has delivered hospital equipment, protective masks and 30 gifts for newborns at Berane General Hospital.

The donation was also delivered to the children of hospital employees, and to the children coming from socially vulnerable families living in the municipality.

In her interview for, Babović has noted that, since its establishment, the foundation has been providing assistance to the citizens of Montenegro.

If you want to provide support in the fight against the negative effects of COVID-19, we would like to remind you that you can make an online donation at or send an SMS to 7300.