The concert under the slogan “Help ‘Maslačak’ Society Drive their Van” (“Udruzi Maslačak pomozi da svoj kombi vozi”) will take place in Križevci, on 20th September, and the tickets’ revenue will help Maslačak purchase a van for its members.

Maslačak is a voluntary, nonprofit organization which supports and helps improve the life of people with disabilities and their families. In particular, it works with children and young people with disabilities, and supports their families, foster families and carers.

The tickets' revenue will help Maslačak buy a much-needed van which will be used for the transportation of its many members - to day care centers as well as sports matches and various events with other similar organizations.

This initiative for raising money to purchase a van started this time last year, with another concert, and many other events have taken place since. There is about KN 40,000 (around EUR 5,400) left to go, and with several great acts lined up, including the band Vigor and Croatian Cymbalists’ Association (Udruga cimbalista Hrvatske) the concert this year is promising to be another big success. Make sure to bring the whole family along, as children up to 7 years old, get in for free!

For details on times, lineup, venue and information on where you can get tickets check out the Facebook page. And of course, have a great time at the concert!