An auction of paintings entitled “From Private Collections of Celebrities – As a Gift to Hour Children” (Iz privatnih kolekcija poznatih - našoj deci na dar”) was held on 29th November and helped raise 5.600 EUR for the purchase of equipemnet at the University Children’s Clinic Tirsova. And the company DIS donated EUR 7,400 for delivery rooms and the pediatric department of the General Hospital Vrsac. The money was raised by charging customers the price of plastic bags.


Center for Transition and Human Rights Spektar (Centar za tranziciju i ljudska prava Spektar) organized the auction together with the City of Belgrade and the town Culture Secretariat. Several famous persons responded to the call and donated artworks from their own private collections for this occasions, and these were:  painter Milan Cile Marinković, princess and painter Danica Karađorđević, actress Anđelka Prpić, actors Lazar Ristovski, Svetislav Bule Goncić i Ivan Vučković, singer Merima Njegomir, journalist Slobodan Šarenac, racecar driver Dušan Borković, taekwondo fighter  Milica Mandić, singer Kiki Lesendrić, journalists Olivera Jovićević and Duška Jovanić, singer Ana Stanić, journalist and writer Vesna de Vinča, TV presenter and singer Suzana Mančić and painter Ivona Pleskonja and  Nikola Janković. Of the 20 paintings which were on auction, 13 were sold.

The highest bids were made by Post of Serbia, which bought 2 paintings at the price of EUR 1,100, the company Visan which bought 3 works at the price of EUR 1,050 and ITM Group which bought 1 piece for EUR 900.

The money raised at the auction will be used in Tirsova for the purchase of EKG and blood pressure holters.

 “We now have equipment which we are really proud of, but even in the most affluent countries in the world, a donation like this means something. We will improve the situation and provide better opportunities for the treatment of children”, said Goran Vukomanović, Deputy Head of Tirsova clinic.

New equipment also arrived at the General Hospital in Vrsac thanks to DIS DIS supermarkets. Their campaign which designated about EUR 0,50 (RSD 1) from each bag sold for charity started at the end of August. Over the course of last moth, EUR 7,400 (RSD 875,000) which DIS gave to the delivery room and pediatric department of Vrsac General Hospital.

In previous months, DIS donated about EUR 7,700 (RSD 910,000) to the General Hospital Stefan Visoki in Smederevska Palanaka, and during the 2nd month of the campaign EUR 7,350 (RSD 870,000) was raised for the General Hospital Studenica in Kraljevo.