Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, organizations, companies, and citizens showed kindness and solidarity by providing support for their communities.

However, such support is still needed.

Therefore, we want to remind you of the four humanitarian campaigns aimed at mitigating the negative effects of COVID-19 and helping those most at risk, on the crowdfunding platform.

You can show your support by donating online at, or by sending an SMS message to 7300. The price of the message is 200 RSD including VAT.

Help 274 socially and economically disadvantaged children to get tablets and internet and continue their education

One way you can show your support is by donating to the campaign aimed at helping 274 children from socially and economically disadvantaged families, living in cities across Serbia.

Growing up in unfavorable life circumstances, these children face difficulty every day. Unfortunately, the pandemic made their living conditions even more difficult, making it hard for them to continue with their education.

By supporting this campaign, you will give the youngsters from socially and economically disadvantaged families the opportunity to follow online classes from home and keep up with their peers.

The campaign was launched by SOS Children's Villages Serbia, ADRA Serbia, and the Music Art Project in partnership with Catalyst Balkans.

All citizens, companies, manufacturers, distributors, and mobile operators willing to help can provide their support in the following ways: by making an online donation through, by in-kind donations, or by promoting the campaign through their channels.

In addition, the Norwegian Embassy and Group 484 will double every donation up to the amount of 235.000 RSD.


Support the fight against COVID-19 in hotspots

Because of the pandemic, most medical centers in cities that became COVID-19 hotspots are facing a shortage of medical equipment and supplies.

Aiming to address this problem and provide support for the medical workers and patients, Catalyst Balkans launched the General appeal.

The funds donated for the General appeal will be distributed according to urgency, while donations for sub-campaigns aimed at particular cities will be directed to nonprofits that will purchase the needed medical equipment.

By donating for the General appeal, either online or by sending an SMS to 7300, you are supporting the citizens whose lives and health are currently at risk.

Group 484 and the Norwegian Embassy also gave their support by doubling your every donation up to a total amount of 235.000 RSD.



500 food packages for the people with disabilities most at risk

Many economically disadvantaged individuals with disabilities don’t receive any social support because they are not registered at the Social welfare center. For the same reason, those same individuals were not included in programs aimed at mitigating the negative effects of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Aware that people who belong to this group one of the currently most vulnerable populations, Belgrade Food Bank has launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide them with 500 humanitarian aid food and hygiene packages.

Donate online or send an SMS message to 7300 to support this campaign and group 484 and the Norwegian Embassy will double each donation up to 235.000 RSD.


Help oncology patients get much-needed psychosocial support during the pandemic

BELhospice is the first charity organization specialized in providing free palliative care to cancer patients and helps their families overcome the problems associated with this life-threatening illness.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lives of oncology patients and their families became even more difficult. Because of that, the psychosocial support that BELhospice team provides is needed more than ever. Help the team hire two more caregivers and continue providing free psychosocial support for oncology patients in the terminal stages of their illness by donating to their campaign in one of the following ways:

- Making a payment to BELhospice’s account
  Vojvođanska(OTP) Bank: 325-9500600025663-79
- Sending "HOSPIS" via SMS to 8200, or
- SMS of any content to 7300.




To date, citizens and companies gave their support to 24 charitable campaigns and donated over 14 million RSD for emergency help to the vulnerable populations and mitigation of negative effects of COVID-19.

Owing to these donations protective and medical equipment was distributed to 9 cities, over 35.000 masks were made for health care workers in 149 medical institutions across Serbia, humanitarian aid packages with food, medical and hygiene supplies were distributed to the most vulnerable groups, and financial support was provided for cultural workers.

So far, we achieved a lot together, but your support is still needed. Continue showing solidarity and support for those most at risk by donating online or sending an SMS to 7300. The price of the message is 200 RSD including VAT for all mobile networks.