We work to promote good deeds in the Western Balkans and to advance them. Our every day is just about that.

We constantly read and write stories about human kindness. We develop tools to make it easier for people to do good.

But, sometimes, even we get surprised by the solidarity of our community. That happened last week.

We launched Donacije.rs two weeks ago, along with the first nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns. Among them was the campaign “Let’s provide people with disabilities from Novi Sad with personal assistants”, run by Center “Living upright” (Centar “Živeti uspravno”).

Only 3 days later, we wrote about the group called “Translators’ heart” for our Giving Balkans philanthropy news selection. We were inspired by this group of people that volunteer to translate medical documents to those who need medical treatment abroad. This type of philanthropy is rare and presents one of the best examples of how you can have a great impact and make a change even without investing funds into something. 

A day after that, the translators announced that they were joining the Center’s campaign: they are offering free translations to companies in Serbia who will, in return, donate funds for the personal assistance service through Donacije.rs. 

This is another proof of the greatness of the “Translators’ hearts” and a beautiful show of synergy and solidarity between the two organizations.

Then, the next morning, our coworker ran into the office saying: “I just saw a post on Facebook, the only Day Center for children with behavioral problems in Belgrade is facing shutdown, is there something we can do about it?”.

After taking a detailed look at the case, we called them up, while, simultaneously, they were trying to reach us. You surely know the feeling when you and a friend try to call each other at exactly the same moment - but when did it happen that you and a complete stranger did the same?

We'd never cooperated with IAN (International Aid Network) directly. We are just two organizations that want to help and that were connected by the urgency of the moment.

The next day, we had a meeting, and a day after that, we launched their campaign on Donacije.rs.

In the meantime we have been in touch with the wonderful people from the Association for Assistance to Mentally Underdeveloped Persons Zvezdara. They want to get their 15 beneficiaries with developmental disabilities a printer and materials for 6 months of vocational training in their social enterprise. To do that, they only need RSD 155,000.

This way, these 15 young people will be able to fulfill their potential and get employed.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Become a part of this community of well-doers and donate for the campaign of Association for Assistance to Mentally Underdeveloped Persons Zvezdara. Or to another campaign on Donacije.rs. Keep this amazing chain of good deeds going. Can’t you see that kindness produces even more kindness?