According to our research, the fight against the effects of the coronavirus has been the most supported cause in 2020, both in Serbia and in the region.

From 18 March to 4 December, citizens and companies in Serbia donated RSD 15,553,338, i.e. EUR 132,303 through the crowdfunding platform, managed by Catalyst Balkans. The donations were intended for supporting charity initiatives launched by various organizations, associations and citizen groups with the aim of providing immediate assistance to the vulnerable and tackling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Owing to these donations and extensive support of the community to various good causes, a total of 35,277 masks were sewn and distributed to healthcare professionals in 149 institutions across 25 cities in Serbia. In addition, medical and protective equipment worth RSD 4,942,701 was provided in 10 cities, and 2,921 aid packages containing food and hygienic products were distributed.

Donations raised through the platform in the previous 9 months have ensured assistance to 2,863 individuals and 106 families, including homeless persons, cultural workers who have lost all income, socially vulnerable citizens, children undergoing medical treatment, etc. Support was also provided to over 210 street and shelter animals, which were additionally at risk during the state of emergency. has existed for 3 years, during which donors, citizens and companies have donated over RSD 50 million for various charity and development campaigns. Check out the video to see some of the success stories and goals achieved owing to the support provided by the community.

The Jedi Movement has shared their success story and experience in conducting campaigns on Namely, they managed to raise more than EUR 7,000 in a very short time, owing to which 15,000 protective masks were sewn and distributed to healthcare professionals in southern Serbia. For their initiative, the Jedi Movement has recently received an award – the Silver Medal of Merit of the Republic of Serbia.

Furthermore, you will learn how LiceUlice, with the help of the community, managed to launch a support program for 10 women coming from less employable groups, and how TV Forum, the first civil society television in Serbia and the first women’s television in the Balkans, managed to acquire new equipment for their studio owing to a campaign at

Animal shelter ’Riska’ has also shared their positive experience with a campaign at, as the campaign not only provided them with the funds necessary to continue their work, but also made them recognizable and brought additional support of the community. In addition, the donor community helped the ‘Josif Marinković’ choir from Zrenjanin and young talented musicians raise money for their trip to a prestigious musical competition in Florence, where they won two awards.

Examples are numerous, and they all demonstrate the importance of support, solidarity and unity for social good.

Become a part of the community whenever you wish, and donate to some of the currently ongoing campaigns.

One of the campaigns anyone who wishes so can support is the purchase of equipment and internet for 274 children from the most socially and economically vulnerable families across Serbia, to ensure that those children can smoothly follow online classes. Owing to this campaign, children from the most socially and economically vulnerable families will have the opportunity to attend classes from home via the internet and not fall behind their classmates. The campaign was launched by Foundation ‘SOS Children’s Villages Serbia’, ADRA Serbia, and Music Art Project, in cooperation with Catalyst Balkans.

Furthermore, you can support the campaign conducted by BELHospice, which is aimed at ensuring that people suffering from cancer can get the help they need during the COVID-19 crisis, or you can donate for some of the epidemic hotspots or some of the other social good initiatives.

Our video will demonstrate how every donation brings positive changes to the community and how much good we can do when we join forces for philanthropy.

Join our large community of philanthropists now and choose a campaign to donate online at, or send an SMS to 7300. The price of one SMS is RSD 200 regardless of the mobile service provider.