A Summary of Findings from the 2016 Annual Report on the State of Philanthropy in Serbia, Part 1

Domestic philanthropy in Serbia in 2016 was characterized by a slight increase from 2015 in the number of instances of giving recorded (1.6% – from 3,218 to 3,270) and a slight decline in the total estimated value of donations (4.9% – from €22.32 million to €21.22 million).  Average per capita giving in Serbia declined slightly as well, from €3.14 to €3.00.

The value of donations sourced from mass individual giving (informal giving by citizens at events, in donation boxes, online, SMS and through other means of mass collection through campaigns and appeals) increased in 2016.  Mass individual giving now comprises 25.2% of overall estimated giving.

Corporate giving continued to be a strong source of funds.  While there was a slight decline in corporate giving, an increase in giving by mixed donor types (which most often were instances where corporate and mass individual types giving together through in-store campaigns or online appeals) demonstrated that corporate giving is still the most significant source of domestic philanthropic funds in Serbia.  More than 250 companies, 100 SMEs and 5 corporate foundations were recorded as having contributing to the betterment of Serbia in 2016.

While giving to institutions slightly declined in 2016, there were increases in the estimated total value of donations directed to non-profit organizations, to individuals and families, and to local and national governments.

Most significantly, giving to non-profit organizations was 31.4% of the overall estimated value of giving, nearly double what was recorded in 2015 (15.6%).  More than 275 nonprofit organizations were recorded as having raised funds from domestic philanthropic sources in 2016. 18.0% of the total number of instances of philanthropy were allocated to non-profit organizations.

Despite this increase in giving to non-profits, giving to state-controlled entities, whether they be institutions or local and national governments, continued to make up the majority of giving in Serbia.  53.7% of the total estimated value of giving was directed to state-controlled recipients, while comprising only 33.8% of the overall instances of philanthropy recorded.  However, these figures represent slight overall declines from 2015.

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