After the devastating earthquake that hit Zagreb in March, yesterday Croatia was hit by a series of earthquakes with the epicenter in Petrinja, which caused severe material damage, left many people without a roof over their heads, and resulted in dozens of injured and 7 deaths.

Our neighbors need our help, and one of the ways you can provide it is by donating to the campaign organized by Association SOLIDARDNA or to the campaign launched by Caritas at

Solidarity with Petrinja and Sisak-Moslavina County

Association SOLIDARDNA has launched an emergency fundraiser for providing emergency support to the victims in Petrinja and Sisak-Moslavina County.

Donations are raised through Fund 5.5, which was launched for the purpose of helping the people of Zagreb who were affected by the earthquake. In light of the new disaster, the Fund’s scope of action has been broadened to cover all cities, villages and places that have been devastated in the previous two days.

You can donate in the following ways:

Account for emergency and crisis actions: HR2424020061500078406
Reference number: 01-2021

If you wish to donate online at the Association SOLIDARNA website, it is important to know that the conversion from RSD to HRK is automatic and that you can use any card for online payment to donate.

Emergency assistance for the people affected by the earthquake – campaign launched by Caritas Serbia

Caritas Serbia has launched a crowdfunding campaign at, which you can support by making an online donation, making a payment to the Caritas Serbia giro account: 220-0000000031186-42, ProCredit Bank A.D- Beograd, purpose: Assistance for Croatia, or by sharing the information or inviting your friends to donate as well.

All gathered funds will be donated to Croatian Caritas, which will provide assistance to the most affected families and individuals in the form of food, water, hygienic products, clothes, footwear, accommodation, and other forms in accordance with the needs at hand.

Show solidarity with our neighbors and support one of the campaigns by donating for support to the affected.