In Kosovo, the journey towards gender equality and women's empowerment has been marked by challenges and achievements. Regardless of the various initiatives, there is still a need to do more, and support should increase from year to year. Therefore, this listicle seeks to highlight the significance of leveraging philanthropic efforts as a tool to accelerate gender equality in Kosovo. 

Diving Into The Data Of Donations 

Data reveals that from 2019 to 2023 women were the target beneficiaries of 20 charitable actions with the total amounted of 61,751 euros. The yearly breakdown of data shows that 2019 was characterized with the biggest amount of donations (38,459 euros) while 2020 and 2022 evidenced the greatest number of actions (5 each). 

Citizens through mass-individual giving were the greatest contributor, donating 56,362 euros that comprises 91% of the total amount. Meanwhile this category is followed by nonprofits that contributed 4,389 euros and the corporate sector with 1,000 euros. On the other hand, nonprofit organizations were the main beneficiaries receiving the amount of 53,362 euros, followed by individuals or families who received 8,389 euros. 

Out of all 20 charitable actions, 15 of them were short-term support (such as: humanitarian aid, individual housing, medical treatments, etc.), meanwhile only three of them were long-term support (such as capital investments, equipment, or scholarships). Other than that, for two other charitable actions that were invested in women’s empowerment remains unknow whether they apply to short-term or long-term support.   

Inspirational Stories Of Giving

During the last five years, there have been various stories that underscore the importance of giving to elevate equality and serve as inspirations for individuals and organizations to follow.  

One of the inspirational stories is from “Sakuntala” NGO. Two years ago, in 2022, 850 euros were raised through “KOSOVA ideas” crowdfunding platform by this NGO, for the empowerment of Roma women and girls. The funds were used to provide vocational training to Roma women and girls from the Roma community in the municipality of Prizren aged 18-50. This five-month training, organized by the Yunus Emre Institute in Prizren, aimed to contribute to improve their skills through vocational training for handicraft activities, and improve socio-economic development, promoting traditional creativity, and strengthening their cooperation with the private market, women’s NGOs, cultural and local institutions.   

Roma women and girls during a handicraft activity 
Photo source: Official “Facebook” account of “Sakuntala” NGO 

Diaspora continues to remain an important contributor to the philanthropy environment in Kosovo. "Vaji i burrave është kënga” (Men's lamentation is the song) was the motto of the humanitarian event organized in New York on February 17th, 2019, marking Kosovo’s Independence Day, by the Albanian-origin businessman Ramiz Kukaj. This evening was dedicated to the “Thirrjet e Nënave” (Mother's Call) Association in Gjakova, an NGO that engages in finding the missing persons from the time of the Kosovo war and supporting their families. 45,000 dollars were collected and donated to the association, as a contribution to their support for women's well-being.  

Indeed, campaigns conducted through crowdfunding platforms offer effective avenues to raise money for an important cause. In this regard, with the goal to collect 4,000 euros, Vjollca Kuqi, the leader of the “VITA” Sport and Health Association, started a campaign on “KOSOVA ideas” crowdfunding platform, with the aim to revitalize women’s physical therapy club. This fundraising initiative successfully collected 3,053 euros to repair and upgrade existing facilities, ensuring its continued contribution to improving health conditions for women of various ages, particularly middle-aged and retired women.  

Additionally, women affected by breast cancer received support from "Meridian Express," an effort that demonstrates corporate social responsibility. The aid amounting to 500 euros was given to the "Renesansa" Breast Cancer Association. 

Last but not least, under the motto "T’u Dhanë Pak, Bon Shumë" (By little giving, we do a lot), Prishtina-based social and cultural center “Termokiss” opened its premises for a flea market with the aim to collect funds for essential resources to support women and children living in Kosovo shelters. The event, during which citizens could sell goods, mainly handmade crafts, collected 570 euros donated to the Shelter Center in Mitrovica for basic support such as food products, hygiene products, and firewood. 

The "T’u Dhanë Pak, Bon Shumë" (By little giving, we do a lot) flea market 
Photo source:  

If you want to read more such inspirational stories, you can find them in the listicle: “Kosovo's Philanthropic Support to Women's Rights and Wellbeing.”   


While highlighting the diverse range of contributors to causes aimed at advancing gender equality, this article reveals that despite progress over the years, gaps still exist, making it imperative that there is an ongoing need for sustained initiatives to bolster women's empowerment. In addition to the involvement of institutions to address the challenges, creating an inclusive and supportive society requires collective effort. 

For more insights into philanthropy and donations in Kosovo, explore our comprehensive report on the state of philanthropy - Giving Kosovo 2022.  

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