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Giving Serbia 2021

Giving Serbia 2021: Annual Report on the State of Philanthropy

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Learn everything about philanthropy in Serbia in 2021 and find out how citizens and companies have supported the common good. 

42.541.143 EUR

Recorded amount


Number of instance

6.2 EUR

Donated amount per capita

In the previous year, we recorded donations in the amount of EUR 42,540,000, collected through 4,055 instances of giving. The donated amount per capita is 6.2 EUR.
Explore our data on philanthropy and find out how much, to whom, and for what we donated in 2021. Learn how much the state of philanthropy has changed concerning the crisis 2020.

Where were most donations received test?

The largest number of donations was received on the territory of Belgrade, in the municipality of New Belgrade - 4.7 instances per 1,000 inhabitants.

For which themes does Serbia donate?

By far, the largest support in 2021 was provided to healthcare, for which 70.7% of the total donated amount was collected through 34.5% of organized actions.

The data from the previous years

Who are the donors in Serbia?

Unlike in 2020, mass giving of citizens has again, as in previous years, become the dominant source of support.

The data from the previous years

To whom is Serbia giving? 

The largest share of donations was directed to its beneficiaries through non-profit organizations. They were mostly supported by citizens, while corporate giving was mostly directed towards state institutions.

The data from the previous years

The estimated amount of donations from 2015 - 2021

Excluding the pandemic year, 2021 was the most successful for the philanthropic community since we started monitoring the data of giving in Serbia.

Philanthropy Champions - Philanthropy actions that marked the year behind us

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Find out more about philanthropy actions and examples of giving in our report Giving Serbia 2021. In the videos below, please find out how participants at our event Giving Serbia 2021 saw philanthropy in Serbia during the previous year and some of the philanthropic actions that marked 2021.
In the report Giving Serbia 2021, see the detailed results of our research on the state of philanthropy in Serbia.
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