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Giving North Macedonia 2021

Giving North Macedonia 2021: Report on the State of Philanthropy

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Find out all about philanthropy in North Macedonia during 2021 and how citizens, organizations, and companies have supported the common good.

2,522,388 EUR

Recorded amount


Number of instances

1.2 EUR

Donated amount per capita

During the previous year, Catalyst Balkans recorded around 2,520,000 EUR worth of donations in North Macedonia, collected through 546 donation instances. The donated amount per capita amounted to 1.2 EUR.
To find out how much, to whom and for what purposes was donated in the previous year and to what extent the level of philanthropic activity changed compared to the year before, take a look at our data on giving.

Trend of giving

Compared to the year before, there has been a decrease in the frequency and intensity of giving. Still, the recorded donated amount was higher than in the pre-pandemic years.

For what purposes does North Macedonia donate?

Regarding the themes for giving, COVID-19 relief remained the most frequently supported theme. A similar frequency of giving was recorded for the support of marginalized groups, including people with disabilities, children without parental care, single parents, the elderly, minority groups, and others.

Data from previous years

Who are the donors in North Macedonia?

The corporate sector was the main donor type both in terms of frequency and intensity of giving. Identifiable individuals and citizens through mass-individual giving participated in around a quarter of all donation instances, which is a somewhat lower share when compared with 2020.

Data from previous years

To whom does North Macedonia donate?

Institutions and local/ national government were the main channels for giving. Donation instances directed to the state were mainly for healthcare purposes, while non-profit organizations remained the primary recipient of support for marginalized groups.

Data from previous years

Champions of philanthropy – charitable actions that marked the year behind us

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These were just some of the key findings from the annual report Giving North Macedonia 2021. To find out more about the state of philanthropy, download the full report at the link below.
In the report Giving North Macedonia 2021, see the detailed results of our research on the state of philanthropy in North Macedonia.
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